Introduction to Musical Theatre

This workshop will explore acting, singing and dancing techniques for anyone of any level of musical theatre! Beginners are more than welcome!

Improvisation and Pantomime

Through improvisation and pantomime, students will learn how to create authentic characters, find the commonalities between themselves and their characters, and become familiar with acting techniques to build upon.


Learn how to choose and perform the perfect monologue. Many professional auditions require actors to come prepared with a monologue. This workshop will give you the foundation to prepare yourself for these auditions and to perform large monologues in front of audiences. Students may bring a favorite monologue to the workshop, however, hundreds will be available to choose from.

The W’s of Acting

Students will be introduced to the 7 W’s that all actors need when developing a character. Who is your character, What are they, Where are they, When is this happening, Why is this happening, what do they Want, and which Way will they go about getting it? Actors will become familiar with physical settings, word play, character intentions and behaviors plus a variety of acting techniques.

Theatre Games

One of the best ways to learn to act is through games with your peers! Join us for a fun filled day of theatre games that prepare you for acting on stage, on TV or on the big screen. We will explore commercial acting and group improv!

Writing for the Theatre

Have you ever dreamed of writing your own play or musical? Well this is the workshop for you! Join certified language arts and drama teachers as you explore what it takes to write your own show! Enjoy learning the elements of theatre, character development and much more!


If you have always dreamed of dancing in a musical this workshop was created just for you! This workshop will provide the right instructor, curriculum and atmosphere the first-time or seasoned theatre dancer! This workshop will explore how to show emotion and act through dance. Join us for this workshop that will ignite your passion for dance.

Behind the Show

Our BEHIND THE SHOW workshops will explore individual Musical Productions.

What are Behind the Show Workshops?

Behind the Show workshops do just what the title implies.  We take a Broadway Musical and take our students behind the show.  Students will learn the back story – where the writers got the concept for the show, they study the music, the scenes, costuming, hair & make-up, … you name it!  We take a classic show and break it down to it’s bare bones.

We have developed workshops for the following shows:

  • Rent
  • Wicked
  • Next to Normal
  • Guys and Dolls
  • Hairspray
  • Avenue Q
  • Urinetown

We are currently working to create workshops on the following shows:

  • American Idiot
  • Spring Awakening

Bring a TD Workshop to your school or theatre

Want to bring a Teen Drama workshop to your school or theatre?  Contact Us Today.  Workshops can range from 1 to 3 hours depending on the need.