About Us


What is Teen Drama?

Teen Drama is the perfect place to meet friends, have fun, and use your talents. Membership in this program is open to students age 13-18 who share a passion for theatre and performing arts, even if you can only join us for one season. Every type of person is needed, from the most organized to the most artistic, from the singer or actor to the person running the show behind the scenes. Each one of you has a gift or talent that can be used to take a show from being a good one to being a great one!


Mission Statement

Teen Drama is a program established to develop students’ theatrical skills and artistic abilities in order to gain a working knowledge of and appreciation for all the Arts, while promoting awareness of theatre and performing arts in the community. The program strives to provide a multitude of opportunities for artistic growth within the program, as well as the community and to entertain, educate, and inspire in a safe, creative, and accepting environment.


What We Offer

Acting/Vocal Sessions:

• Character Development
• Improvisation
• Pantomiming
• Scene Study
• Trust Exercises
• Comedy Acting
• Facial Expressions
• Staging
• Vocal Coaching

Stage Crew Sessions:

• Scenic Design
• Carpentry
• Stage Management
• Properties Management

Sound/ Lighting Sessions:

• Sound Board
• Technology and Engineering
• Computerized Lighting
• Design and Programming
• Spotlight Operator

Additional Sessions:

• Hair/Wig Design
• Make-Up
• Costume Design
• Choreography/Dancing
• Marketing/Advertising



Full-Broadway Musicals!

We have performed several full-scale Broadway musicals!  Click here to see our production history.


We can provide programs in the following areas:

  • Northern New Jersey
  • Central New Jersey
  • West Central Minnesota

Don’t see your area on the list?  Contact us anyway!  We might be able to expand to your area!